A Mind's Eye (2005)

A loving couple, sharing their lives in fortune and happiness,
is unexpectedly separated. The happy times that once were,
are gone in an instant, and mark a dark turnaround in their lives.

A Mind's Eye marks StormCloud's first foray into semi-feature filmmaking. It stills is the longest of our films, and the length of the film serves its purpose. The film was conceived as a love letter to love, and what's a greater test for love than being separated from each other. The poetic monologues and imagery are accompanied by a magnificent score (once again composed by Jesse de Blois).

In hindsight it might not be StormCloud's best, but it most definately was a hugely important step in our careers.

The story was co-written by Floor van Ormondt and the cast consisted of Ingrid Snijdewind, Jesse de Blois and Emile Mathlener.

A Mind's has been awarded many times, including an important award at the 2005 Benelux Filmfestival.

Color / 36" / 16:9 / Stereo

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